Adele Says Beyoncé Deserved to Win Grammy For Album of the Year

It’s not often that a singer says a part of her died when she learned she’d won the Grammy for Album of the Year. But that’s what Adele said Sunday, because she thought the honor should have gone to Beyoncé.

“I can’t possibly accept this award, and I’m very humble and very grateful, but my artist of my life is Beyoncé,” said Adele, who is 28. “This album for me, the ‘Lemonade’ album, was so monumental.”

Then, as Beyoncé sat in the audience, Adele addressed her directly.

“The way you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel is empowering,” she said. “And they stand up for themselves. And I love you. I always have.”

Tears rolled down Beyoncé’s cheeks as Adele made her speech. And Adele said backstage that “a little piece of me did die inside” when her name was called out instead of Beyoncé’s.

Adele won five Grammys altogether — making the first time anyone has won the top three awards twice. Beyoncé was nominated nine times but only took home two statuettes, for best music video and best urban contemporary album.

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The last black artist to win Album of the Year was Herbie Hancock in 2008. In recent years, there have been many examples of white artists triumphing over black artists whose work has drawn critical acclaim.

In the run-up to this year’s show, Frank Ocean wrote an open letter to its producers, accusing them of “cultural bias and general nerve damage,” citing Taylor Swift’s win last year over Kendrick Lamar.

This year, many commentators felt Beyoncé deserved to win Album of the Year for “Lemonade,” a landmark audio-visual work examining racial identity, feminism and fidelity.

Without delving into this debate, Adele was clear she felt that Beyoncé should have won.

Despite her five awards, London-born Adele had her share of difficulties during the ceremony. She snapped her Record of the Year statuette in half — seemingly by accident — and had to restart her tribute to George Michael because she was off-key the first time.

In her first public performance since announcing she was pregnant with twins, Beyoncé sang two songs from “Lemonade.” Accepting one of her awards, she said her intention was to “give voice to our pain, our struggles, our doubts, and our history.”



Super Bowl 2017 halftime show: Get ready for Lady Gaga, you little monsters

Lady Gaga. The name conjures up many images. You may think of her infamous meat dress … or perhaps watching her hatch out of an egg at the Grammy Awards. Or maybe you are picturing her outrageous green dress comprised of the disembodied heads of Kermit the Frog. Regardless of what ridiculous outfit you associate with Gaga, you can’t say she’s uninteresting.

Adds a whole new layer to shopping vegan.
Frederick M. Brown

For a lot of people, people with whom I inherently disagree with and abhor, tuning into the Super Bowl on Sunday will be for one reason and one reason only: the halftime show. WithLady Gaga headlining the show this year, well, there are a Million Reasons to tune in.

Sure, Gaga is famous for her outlandish sense of fashion, but she’s also a hell of a singer and absolutely knows how to put on a show. This will not be her first trip to the big game, either.

If you recall, last year she sang the national anthem and took our breath away with her GROTESQUE BLOOD-COLORED GLITTER EYESHADOW—er I mean, patriotic wardrobe and makeup. She might have also lost you a shit ton of money when she caused an international gambling crisis by singing, “Home of the brave” twice.

Lady Gaga Sings The National Anthem At Super Bowl 50
and also with you … I mean … and with your spirit or something
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The rumors surrounding Gaga’s halftime performance are already SWIRLING. Gaga is intent on making the halftime show the biggest and most unforgettable in history, which, knowing her, is quite plausible. There are already rumors that at $10 million, this is the most expensive halftime show that the NFL has ever produced.

Gaga even said her sister suggested that she perform from the roof of NRG Stadium. If Lady Gaga were to fly from the 235-foot roof of NRG Stadium onto the field it would probably be the least controversial thing she’s ever done, so between You and I, I’m holding out for more.

This is Lady Gaga inside an egg.

Most recent Super Bowl halftimes have included guest appearances, and the current rumor is that Elton John will join the star to give a tribute to the late David Bowie. Both Sir Elton and Lady Gaga are (like any person with a sense for musical talent) David Bowie fans, but both have been keeping a Poker Face when asked about the potential duet.

Other guest appearance rumors involve Beyoncé, who dropped the most fire Instagramof the week on Wednesday when she announced she was pregnant with twins. I think we can safely assume that Bey will not sing or Just Dance during halftime, seeing as this pregnancy looks real. (LOL JUST KIDDING DON’T HURT ME BEYHIVE.)

Absolut Elyx Hosts Mark Ronson's Grammy's Afterparty At Elyx House Los Angeles
Let all the children boogie
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Absolut Elyx

So who is this mysterious Lady Gaga? Well, her real name is Stefani Germanotta and she was born and raised in New York. She attended NYU and performed in New York City’s Lower East Side, until eventually moving to L.A. to record her first album.

After her first album, The Fame, was released, Lady Gaga has proven to be a musical force with a stage presence and fashion sense unparalleled in the entertainment industry. The Paparazzilove her for her absurd outfits and stage persona. Gaga has been nominated for a Monster 17 Grammy Awards, of which she has won SIX. Six Grammys, eh? I’m lucky if I get six likes on a tweet.

Anywho, Gaga’s talent is undeniable and she has a loyal and vocal fanbase, which she lovingly refers to as her “Little Monsters.” She co-founded a website exclusively for her fans, which OMG IT HAS A PIC OF HER AND ELTON JOHN ON THE FRONT PAGE.

Elton John and Lady Gaga looking totally normal behind stage at the Grammys.

Aside from music, Gaga recently starred in American Horror Story and won a Golden Globe to much Applause. I, personally, am terrified of the American Horror Story franchise and refuse to watch any episodes, even if it is to research Lady Gaga for this article. (Seriously, that show is forked up.) But woah! Six Grammys and a Golden Globe?! I suppose you could say she’s on theEdge of Glory.

Gaga has been in the news a lot lately due to her activism and philanthropic work, especially following the presidential election. This has led many to speculate if or how she will use her platform this weekend. This is where I predict the countless angry “STICK TO SPORTS” comments that will occur on this article that really, truthfully has had nothing to do with sports.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Telecast
The girl’s got range.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

You should be excited for the halftime show because, despite all the costumes and funky makeup, Lady Gaga is extremely talented. Yes, sometimes she can be pretty far out there but look, she was … Born This Way.

The Super Bowl starts at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday so if you’re looking for Gaga, turn on FOX around 8 p.m.

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SAG Awards 2017: The Best Dressed Celebrities on the Red Carpet

Tonight’s SAG Awards red carpet was all about the personal and the unusual: gothic flourishes, extreme romance, and rigid tailoring all looked right. Even the sweetest frocks by Chanel, Valentino, and McQueen were a touch defiant. One common denominator? Bold statement earrings meant to add yet more swagger to unusual clothes for unusual times.

Brooklyn Nets Point Guard Jeremy Lin on Fashion and the Chinese New Year

“I wear whatever I feel personally looks good,” said Jeremy Lin on Tuesday evening, at the NBA store on Fifth Avenue on the eve of the Lunar New Year. In the past the Brooklyn Nets point guard has been known for his ever-changing hairstyles, but now he wants to put the focus back on his off-duty game. As “Linsanity” fans clamored to get near the 6-foot-3-inch star, he took it in stride. But for the Harvard-educated basketball player, style is all about easy silhouettes with a bold twist.

“Most of the time I wear Adidas stuff and it’s pretty casual,” said Lin, who had arrived for Tuesday’s event dressed head to toe in a black Adidas sweat suit with a subtle, tonal logo treatment. The sophisticated and understated approach to off-duty dressing also applies to more formal occasions. “I don’t think I’ve bought a suit in six or seven years,” laughed Lin. “I know my mom and other people have gifted me suits. I’ve bought a lot of blazers [off ASOS], because I’ve been hurt this year.” Despite a hamstring injury that sidelined him for much of the season, Lin is looking on the bright side, amping up his closet. “I never want to look default,” said Lin, adding, “like a mannequin at a store like everyone else.”

Recently, he’s acquired plenty of graphic pieces with splatter prints or macabre skull iconography, peppering his wardrobe with California streetwear touches like Vans and sneakers in unexpected colors. “I love wearing pink stuff,” said Lin of a pair of neon pink sneakers he sports with light-washed distressed denim and a coordinated snapback. “I’m more matchy-matchy in my style, but I don’t want to overmatch it.” In addition to pink, he occasionally favors monochromatic ensembles in shades of white. “I feel like it’s clean, refined, and a lot of people don’t wear all-white because they’re scared of spilling,” he says.

So what will Lin be sporting to toast the Chinese New Year this weekend? “Just sweats,” he said. “Shorts. Casual gear. I feel like non-game situations means it’ll be sweats. If we have a game, I’ll probably put red in there.” And while he’s on the bench prepping to take his place back on the court, does he have any fashion resolutions? “To wear fewer blazers, which would mean I’m getting healthier. [And] I’ll try more of the long coats soon.”

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The Crowd Glittered at the Annual Sidaction Dinner at the Grand Palais

On Thursday night, around 500 people, including Catherine Deneuve, Kristin Scott Thomas, Azzedine Alaïa, Isabelle Huppert, and Lily-Rose Depp, turned up dressed to the nines for the 15th annual Sidaction dinner benefiting AIDS research. In an exception to the rule, the event was held inside the Grand Palais, a central location that drew a good number, among them first-timers such as jewelry designer Michal Kadar of the New York–based brand Cadar.

Julie de Libran, the artistic director of Sonia Rykiel, wore a flowing black knit flecked with strass. “I’m always trying my dresses on the models, it’s the first time I get to wear it myself,” she quipped.

In his opening comments, Pierre Bergé, the president of Sidaction, paid tribute to the late Sonia Rykiel before taking a decidedly more political tack than in past years. Noting that despite victories small and large, much remains to be done, he also announced that in 15 years the Sidaction dinner has raised over 9 million euros for AIDS research and outreach programs.

“We in the fashion world are not like everyone else. Designers are more sensitive than other people to the world around them and the happiness and sorrows of others,” he noted. “It is our duty to never give up, because [the fight] is, above all, about the right to live, to do what you want with your own body, to love, and build our world, where everyone can decide for themselves what their life will be. Fighting AIDS is about fighting a disease, but it’s also a fight for women’s rights, gay rights, and freedom. And we want the world to be free. We don’t want a world where public officials decide what you should do with your body. We want to control our own life. I’ve always said that the fight against AIDS is a political one. At Sidaction we defend those values. Being here tonight is about fighting discrimination against women, skin color, religion, age, nationality, difference, or sexual orientation. We will resist nationalists and homophobia. Extend a hand, just as you always have done.”

Chanel ambassador Caroline de Maigret, commented: “You could just feel the emotion in the room. We’re moving into a world where tolerance and generosity are not really at the top of the agenda. Now is the time we have to stand up and mobilize even more. When people ask me who my idols are, I always cite activists who devote their time and careers to others. It’s inspiring and fascinating, I dream of doing the same.” (To that end, she has supported UN Women.)

Offered Jean Paul Gaultier, as Anna Cleveland settled on his knee: “Besides showing up and raising as much money as possible, this is the perfect time to reconnect with people who are hard to catch up with. There’s a joie de vivre in the room that makes you want to do whatever you can to see that others live, too. By the way, may I just say that the condom is the best clothing in the world, voilà. My rendition of the Madonna song is, ‘Protect yourself!’ ”

“It’s so very important to keep fighting,” said Isabel Marant, as she hedged toward the exit. She couldn’t make this one a late night: Not only does she have a handful of stores opening imminently, like so many others at the dinner, she also has a show coming up in . . . five weeks or so.

Michelle Obama Breathes New Life Into a Dries Van Noten Dress

First Lady Michelle Obama’s fashion legacy has been marked by her awe-inspiring flair for experimentation, but she is also just as famously known for being a pragmatic dresser. That can often mean frugal and effective repeat ensembles—all of which she makes chic time and time again. Case in point? The floral-printed Dries Van Noten silk robe wrap dress she donned yesterday for the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony.

Having previously worn the dress at a World Innovation Summit for Education in Qatar last fall, FLOTUS brought the piece back in rotation but with a few new edgy additions. Gone was last year’s fresh blowout, with Obama instead smoothing her hair back into a slick low bun, adding a subtle pair of danglers for a glint of shine. And even though she kept the same gold-finished pumps she originally wore last year, the effect was different. Appearing more like a cool art-world curator in Van Noten’s innovative design, the First Lady fit right in with all the creative iconoclasts who had gathered in the White House’s East Room to be awarded. And with the First Family’s last days in the White House counting down, Obama’s look was a subtle reminder that her fashion game is hardly slowing down.

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Rihanna Pays Tribute to Bob Marley in Custom Timberland Boots

While Rihanna may be one of the hottest Caribbean exports since Scotch bonnet peppers (look it up!), the Bajan singer has never forgotten her roots. Whether dedicating her MTV Video Vanguard Award last year to her tiny island home, or propelling her patois-inspired hit “Work” to chart-topping success, retaining a sense of proximity to the rhythms of her home are wildly significant. Hence, the custom Bob Marley Timberland boots the singer broke out today in New York City. In her red-, yellow-, and green-paint-splattered boots, adorned with a hand-painted portrait of the reggae legend, Rihanna made a swift exit from her Soho apartment.

In addition to Marley’s visage, the boots also feature images of two of Rihanna’s other loves—a pot leaf and a Puma logo—a perfect way for the shoe designer to salute her creative influences. She dressed up the Donnell McFadden Brooks–customized pair with a slouchy cool laced-up fleece Fenty x Puma sweatsuit from her sold-out collection. Even in the dead of winter, Rihanna brings the island vibes to the rest of the world.


Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and more of Rihanna’s Navy pay tribute to “Work”:

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